get to know me meme: 1/5 male biases » shinee’s minho
(six random things i love about choi minho): 1. troll laugh 2. serious and concentrated face 3. forever kissing the air 4. derp 5. being cool n hot as fuck 6. talking (◡‿◡✿)
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Chenlay story



Hairdresser (One-shot)

Pairing: Chenlay

Jongdae loves it when he has to go to the hair salon. Maybe it has something to do with the hairdresser himself, Zhang Yixing. Just maybe.

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make me choose 

↳  asked by anon : jongkey or jongtae
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New Jongkey chapter


Chapter 7: Decision

Pairing: Jongkey

2077. The world has changed and scientists have created artificial humans to help normal people in their lives. They have created the humanoids. Jonghyun was one of them, a humanoid in the employ of the Kim’s family. A nice family with a cute child called Kibum. As time went by, what if they found out that Jonghyun isn’t the perfect robot he was supposed to be ?


Taemin speaks English and Minho laughs

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SHINee era Lucifer

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